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Bagasse, also known as sugarcane pulp, is a by-product of sugarcane juice harvesting. Sugarcane is a renewable resource; taking on average 12 months to grow. After the sugarcane juice is harvested, the pulp is processed, and then pressed under high temperature.


“Biodegradable” is a term used to describe materials break down into natural elements over an unspecified period, ranging from months to years. When these materials biodegrade, they turn into water, carbon dioxide, and organic matter, with the assistance of microorganisms like fungi and bacteria. This process occurs in an ideal environment that has moisture, oxygen, and appropriate temperatures.


Biodegradable Products Institute or BPI provides certification that marked products meet ASTM standards for composability.


Commercial Composting is composting on a rigorous industrial level. The multi-step process creates an ideal environment with high temperatures allowing for most complex materials to break down in up to 180 days.

Check with your local municipalities to see if they offer a composting program, if not, private local commercial composting may be available.


"Compostable" is a term used to describe materials that have the ability to decompose into natural substances in a composting environment. Composting has a time frame of 90-180 days. Furthermore, such matter should not leave behind any visible, distinct or harmful residue.


Oxo-degradable plastic is made from either polyethylene (pe), polypropylene (pp), or polyethylene terephthalate (pet) with an additive pro-oxidant that allows degradation, not biodegradation. This means that the plastic breaks apart but not completely biodegrade.

Canada Green is proud to not sell any products that are made from oxo-degradable plastic.


Polylactic acid, also known as PLA, is made from by-product of feedstock, usually corn. Through a process of fermentation of the starch creating polylactide polymer. PLA is thermoplastic, making it sensitive to heat. See individual products for their heat tolerance.