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White Cake Boxes
Made of 100 percent recycled Cardboard, This White Box can be recycled or composted. Varnish free. Available in
6"x6"x4" 250cs G-BX0W-0606-0004
7"x7"x4" 250cs G-BX0W-0707-0004
8" x 8" x 8" , 50 per bundle G-BX0W-0808-0008 9"x9"x5" 100cs G-BX0W-0909-0005
10"x7"x4" 100 cs G-BX0W-1007-0004
10"x10"x2.5" 200cs G-BX0W-1010-0025
10"x10"x4" 125cs G-BX0W-1010-0004
12"x12"x4" 100cs G-BX0W-1212-0004
12"x12"x5" 100 cs G-BX0W-1212-0005
14"x10"x4" 100cs G-BX0W-1410-0004
14"x14"x6" 50cs G-BX0W-1414-0006
25.125"x17.125"x5" 25cs G-BX0W-2517-5000

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