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Bag Cinch
Our patented Cinch products save time and money while improving the appearance of your facility. Eliminate the need for tying knots or fumbling with clumsy rubber bands.
Reduce liner costs, avoid the mess left by liners that do not stay in place, and save an average of 5 seconds on every liner change.
Installation is easy with our peel-and-stick application that bonds permanently. With four standard colors and new specialty Cinches, we have the right Cinch for any container. R.O.I. in 40 or fewer liner changes
Our easy peel and stick application allows anyone to apply a Cinch in seconds. The adhesive can take up to 24 hours after application to fully cure, but can be used immediately under normal conditions if applied to a clean, dry surface.
Improve Appearance
Cinches help improve the appearance of a facility and show attention to detail. Stop Trash Bag Cave-Ins Cinches prevent the most frustrating problems that occur with liners. No More Cave-Ins and No More Knots. While this is a problem for virtually anyone who uses liners, it is compounded for many industries like healthcare or anyone handling hazardous materials.
Qty per Case25

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