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Sale Items
Sale ItemsAll Items are limited quantities. Sale items will be removed , when sold out, as soon as possible thereafter.. The items shown once sold out may be ordered at regular pricing but sale pricing will not apply once the existing stock has been sold.
Soup Cups
Soup CupsBiodegradable and compostable Soup cups.
Plain Single Wall Hot cup's
Plain Single Wall Hot cup White no print hot cup's. -Biodegradable and compostable
Hot Cup Accessories
Hot Cup AccessoriesBiodegradable and compostable lids, stir sticks and other accessories for hot cups
Plain Single Wall Kraft Hot Cup's
Plain Single Wall Kraft Hot Cup Kraft no print Single Wall bioserv hot cup's.
Ripple Double Wall Bioserv Hot Cup's
 Ripple Double Wall Bioserv Hot CupBioserv, Biodegradable and compostable.
Air Gap Double Wall Bioserv Hot Cup's
Air Gap Double Wall Bioserv Hot CupAir Gap Double Wall Bioserv Hot Cups.
Single Wall Bioserv Hot Cup's
Single Wall Bioserv Hot CupBiodegradable and Compostable hot beverage cup's.
Cold Cups
Cold CupsBiodegradable and compostable cups for cold beverages
Cold Cup Lid's and Straw's
Cold Cup LidBiodegradable and compostable
PLA Cutlery
PLA Cutlery biodegradable and compostable
Birch wood Cutlery
Birch wood Cutlery Made From Birch Wood
PSM Cutlery
PSM Cutlery Biodegradable and Compostable.
Other Utensils
Other UtensilsBiodegradable and compostable. Ice cream spoon, Chip fork, Taster spoon and Bamboo Chop sticks
PLA Bowls
PLA Bowls Biodegradable Bowls
Clear Clamshells
Clear ClamshellsBiodegradable and compostable clamshells for the food service industry
T-Shirt bags
T-Shirt bagsCompostable Retail Style T-Sirt Bag
Cleaning Products
Cleaning ProductsBiodegradable and Environmentally friendly Cleaning Products
Bakery Supplies
Bakery SuppliesBakery Supplies
Bakery Boxes
Bakery BoxesKraft, White and Coloured Bakery boxes
Napkins and Tissue
Napkins and TissueBiodegradable and compostable napkins and tissue
Napkin Dispensers
Napkin DispensersNapkin Dispensers for Biodegradable and Compostable Napkins.
Bin Liners
Bin LinersBiodegradable and compostable bag including trash/garbage bags and cart liners.
Plates and Bowls
Plates and BowlsBiodegradable and compostable disposable dinnerware.
Deli Containers
Deli ContainersRound and rectangle biodegradable and compostable deli container made from corn.
Paper Bakery and Deli Bags
Paper Bakery and Deli BagsCompostable Paper food bags
Tin Tie Bags
Tin Tie BagsTin Tie Bulk Bags
Chafing Fuel
Chafing FuelAn earth friendly sugar cane based heating/cooking fuel that burns cleaner, hotter and more efficiently than other products on the market.
Portion Cups
Portion CupsPLA and paper portion cups
Basket and Box Liners
Basket and  Box LinersCheckered deli sandwich wrap and basket liner paper. Grease proof and microwavable, perfect for wrapping food or lining baskets and boxes.
 Gloves Compostable Gloves.
Sugarcane Clamshells
Sugarcane ClamshellsSugarcane Takeout Clamshells
Takeout Trays and Boxes
Takeout Trays and BoxesTakeout food Tray's and Boxes
Pizza Supplies
Pizza Supplies Pizza Boxes, Pizza Liners,Pizza clamshell and Pizza Slice.
Kraft Paper bags
Kraft Paper bagsNatural Kraft Paper bags
Sushi Trays
Sushi TraysBiodegradable and compostable shushi tray
Food Trays
Food TraysBiodegradable and compostable food trays
MSDS Sheets
MSDS SheetsMaterial Safety Data Sheets
White Grocery Bag
White Grocery BagWhite Plain Grocery Bag 100% Recycled.
Terms and Conditions
Terms and ConditionsTerms and Contitions of sale and Credit.