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Canada Green's vision is to become the leading Canadian supplier for environmentally sound products. Here on our Website you will find biodegradable food service products, compostable shopping bags, garbage bags and many other pertinent products for your industry.

Canada Green is different from many other suppliers in that we stock the products we offer, and in many cases, we offer same day delivery to your door within Winnipeg.

Canada Green's mission is to help you balance your business and environmental concerns by providing top quality products for the best prices with the high quality service you deserve. Here at Canada Green we understand that, while you are serving others, somebody needs to be serving you.

You may fax, email, or call us and speak to a real live Canada Green Representative and visit our website often to see what is new.

Sale Items
Sale ItemsAll Items are limited quantities. Sale items will be removed , when sold out, as soon as possible thereafter.. The items shown once sold out may be ordered at regular pricing but sale pricing will not apply once the existing stock has been sold.
Soup Cups
Soup CupsBiodegradable and compostable Soup cups.
Hot Cup Accessories
Hot Cup AccessoriesBiodegradable and compostable lids, stir sticks and other accessories for hot cups
Plain Single Wall Hot cup's
Plain Single Wall Hot cup White no print hot cup's. -Biodegradable and compostable
Plain Single Wall Kraft Hot Cup's
Plain Single Wall Kraft Hot Cup Kraft no print Single Wall bioserv hot cup's.
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